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Our locksmith service is as Nottingham as Auy up me Duck, so youll never be greated with a call centre or have to pay national locksmith rates - we realise your money is hard earned so we provide the most cost effective service using quality assured products all backed by our 10yr warranty.

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Because the need for a locksmith can came at anytime, or a busy worklife just wont fit round a service that's 9-5, our always on hand reliable service is here to assist morning, noon and night 24/7 - that means were open Bank holidays including Easter, Christmas and Boxing Day.

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As third generation locksmiths that have been in business in Nottingham for over 60yrs, we have come across every lock problem there is and have the knowledge to over come it. In short if you want the best, for the best price then you should be picking LS Locksmiths Nottingham.

Our Services

We offer a full and comprehensive locksmith service in Nottingham and its surrounding areas, Below we have listed the most popular - if you require any of the services listed or if the service below is not listed please give us a call for a no obligation quote on 0115 8320 195

Lock opening/Entry

Lost or Broken/stolen keys, accidental lock outs, we will gain entry fast with out damage for a fixed fee.

Lock Changes or new installations

Lock changes for security reasons, new lock installations or lock upgrades to meet insurance and security standards.

Locksmith Nottingham call 07581459616

Key safe fitting

Quick simple and cost effective way to provide access to keys for builder or care workers without handing out lots of keys to a property.

upvc & Composite lock repairs

Problems locking or opening doors and windows fixed in one visit for set fees. all parts come with 10yrs warranty

More About Our Services.

UPVC & Composite door lock & multi-point repairs.

UPVC doors have previously been very common with over 80% of homes already fitted but now composite doors look likely to be their successor as almost all new builds come with them installed and lots of homes have upgraded to them from UPVC.

Both UPVC & composite doors use a multipoint locking system that is very secure especially those produced in the last 10 years that use the multiple hook system to secure the door. With care these multipoint locking systems can last many years but if neglected they can develop faults or completely fail. So what faults do we need to look for? Well first and foremost door miss-alignment will definitely cut short the life of your multipoint system – miss-alignment is easy to spot, when opening and closing the door there could be a rubbing of parts or the door on the frame or you will notice that more effort is needed to engage the multipoint (lift the handle) you may also notice that its harder to turn the key to lock the door.

Re-alignment of the door or in severe cases new hinges fitted and re alignment will nip any damage to your multipoint in the bud and add years to the parts working life. So, don’t hesitate to check you doors front, back, side and patio doors as you’ll be surprised what a little preventive action costs over the inconvenience of a failed multipoint can be. Unable to open the door to the postman or let the cat or dog out to the garden along with the cost of opening and new parts. Prevention is the key.

Okay so you’re here reading this because you didn’t know about prevention and the worst has happened yep your multipoint has failed – this normally happens in the locked position which is handy for security but not for access, you will know if the multipoint has failed because the door will not unlock (in some cases the key will turn but the handle will not turn/go down).

As we said earlier these modern multi points are very secure so you will not just need the knowledge but also the tools to get the door open without damage, like we have.

Once open, this can take between 10/30mins for the offending part to be removed and replaced with a like for like part. We only fit quality branded parts and include in the fitting is a 10-year warranty as standard. If we fit or upgraded multipoint because your old system no longer complies with security and insurance standards, we also if needs be re-align the door to make sure that when finished your door is hung and working correctly, oh I hear you saybut how much is this going to set me back? well a lot less then new door will… And considering that we only use quality branded parts and the parts we fit come with an unrivalled 10yr parts and labour warranty you’ll find our prices are much lower than our competitors.

Get a quote today you’ll be pleasantly surprised call 0115 8320 195.

Another very common problem that can occur with your UPVC & composite doors is called a slipped cam or miss aligned cam, this involves the euro cylinder fitted on your door, that’s the part you put/slide you key into sometimes called a “lock barrel” (especially by the older generation) a slipped or miss-aligned cam is caused by someone trying to gain entry when a key has been left in the lock on the inside. You’ll know you have this problem because you won’t be able to remove the key either after you have locked the door or have opened it, this is an inconvenience and also a security risk. There is a way to re-align the cam but we find its costlier to the customer so at all times we will offer the most cost effective way to solve a problem and not one that generates more profit. We would recommend that the faulty euro cylinder lock is removed and a correctly sized replacement fitted.

UPVC window repairs

UPVC Windows have two parts to their locking system the handle and the sliding locking mechanism that is operated by turning the handle, they are very simple in design and only have a very small amount of moving parts that means less things to go wrong but yet still provide a great deal of security.

The most common problem with UPVC window handles has to be losing keys and being not able to open the window, second on the list is through general usage and the handle fails and comes apart. Either way you’re going to want to replace the window handle. If the handle has broken off your going to have to locate the screws that attach the handle base to the window frame, one or both may be hidden under a small plastic patch that has to be removed first with a small flat screwdriver. If you have lost the key and it’s in the locked position the handle will be positioned over one of the fixing screws so it will need to be unlocked before the handle can be removed. If the sliding locking mechanism has failed in the locked position it poses no security risk but can be an inconvenience come the summer time…. you know that one or two weeks we get if we’re lucky!

Although the sliding mechanism is very basic in design we strongly suggest you only attempt to manipulate the internal workings if you are knowledgeable about the internal workings and their positioning. You would need to have the correct tools so that you do not do more damage to the window that can early result in having to purchase a whole new complete window unit.

Broken Keys

In the past broken keys were a problem that was more common on commercial properties such as on shutters where the locks are positioned very close to the floor or where stiff lock are over forced. But now with the recent use of poor quality keys supplied from key cutters, you know the ones where they cut keys for as little as £1 a key, has resulted in a lot more broken keys on residential properties. Either way once the key has broken off inside the lock you going to have to remove or extract the broken piece.

I have seen videos on YouTube that involve match sticks and super glue and if you’re that way inclined that have a look and have a go, but as a locksmith would say locks and glue are not a great combination. We only would recommend using a dedicated broken key extraction kit that consists of small hooked tools that when the correct sized hook is used in the right position will remove the broken key part and cause no damage to the lock pins or the lock mechanism with no need to purchase a new lock. Make sure that the lock is tested with a spare key after the broken part has been removed to make sure that the lock is fully functional and that the broken part did not cause any damage to the lock or its internal parts.

Key Safes and why should you consider getting one fitted.

Key safes are a small strong box that can hold a small number of keys that is securely anchored to an exterior wall, the key safe can only be opened when a user has inputs the correct combination code. This is an ideal solution for access control, for instance your having work done on a property instead of a key going to every different tradesman a key can be left securely on site without you having to be on hand for every person visiting the property.

Key safes most common usage is for the elderly or infirmed, so that careers or services can gain access with the occupant having to get to the door to gain entry and the best part, the combination code can be easily changed should you need to and anyone without the new code will no longer be able to gain access. so, no need to change the locks if you want to restrict access. Personally, I have one fitted just in case a family member (my son!) forgets to take his key and returns home and no one’s home, it’s a much safer then hiding a key under the door mat!

Locked out & Lost/stolen keys

There’s never a convent time to be locked out you room or property, it always seems to be just when you really don’t need it to happen, the only bit of good fortune is LS locksmiths are always here to help you. We can always get you back in and we cover Nottingham and all its surrounding areas from our base in the city centre, so we won’t even take long to get to you.

Gaining entry is done using non-distraction methods like for instance lock picking meaning no damage is done to the lock or door and as long as you have a key you won’t have to change the lock. We work on a flat fee for entry based upon the distance we have to travel to get to you and the type of lock that we will be opening.

The price we quote will be the total price with no VAT and no hidden extra charges and payments can be made in cash or using a credit/debit card using our secure chip and pin machine. If you use a credit/debit can a small fee will be added to cover the transaction fees, or direct bank transfers are accepted.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have lost or had your keys stolen for the security reasons we would strongly suggest that you have your locks changed, this may also be insisted by your insurance company.

Home Security – Alarm systems and more

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard or read the saying “aye in my day we could leave the door unlocked day and night without a worry” maybe you remember that time or have heard a family member or friend their tales of it, unfortunately those times just don’t exist anymore from leafy suburb to council estates alike no one is excluded from crime especially property crime.

Home security should be a priority for everyone no matter what your budget is there are many solutions that can assist in the prevention of crime, like home alarm systems, CCTV and not forgetting the correct locks for your windows and doors.

As locksmiths we strongly suggest you get the basics of home security right first time which is making sure you have the correct window and door locks fitted so for starters wooden doors should have at least on British Standard dead lock the most common of these is a mortice lock that offer a superb level of security a Rim latch (sometimes described as latch locks or Yale locks) locks are available in British Standard with deadlock capabilities but it is of our option that it should be used in conjunction with a mortice lock as well and not on its own and you should never have a standard Rim latch lock as your only lock on an external door.

UPVC doors produced and fitted in the last decade should have a suitable multipoint locking system to check yours open the and lift the handle so the multipoint moves, you should have at least three bolts, better still one bolt in the centre and two hooks or even better still a hook at the top, centre and bottom – if you only have rollers (small round and move a small amount up and down) then we strongly suggest an upgrade. The euro cylinder in UPVC doors has to be a minimum of five pins (but it’s better to have 6) and it’s preferable to have anti pick and anti-drill models just to secure all bases recovered security wise a British Standard version with Anti snap added is our recommended version as it offers the most comprehensive lever of security available.

Composite doors are fairly new to the market and if you’ve them fitted recently they should come with the correct level of security as standard but it’s always a good idea to check the multipoint they should have a BS kite mark or a safer by design logo engraved on a visible section. The euro cylinder or lock should also display a visible BS kite mark and may also include one or a number of stars.

All windows should be fitted with at least one lock no matter if you have UPVC or wooden Windows if you don’t have at least one lock you really need to.

If you don’t have a home alarm then you should get one, there’s no excuse a simple easy to fit wireless unit can be purchased for under £100 and fitted early in just a couple of hours’ maximum, wireless units are especially good for rental properties with tenants, as quick as you can put it up you can take it down if your moving and use in your new property. If your budget can stretch to a comprehensive full house model wireless or wired, then you should do so. Other options available are auto dial alarm system – get a call when your alarm is activated or monitored alarm systems.

CCTV is no longer just a commercial property option since the price of quality CCTV has come down more and more homes are having them fitted. The ability to monitor and record your property may seem a bit extreme to some people but it’s a great tool that can help deter crime but if you do fall victim it will greatly assist the police with their investigation and hopefully lead to a conviction. For more infomation on the services we provide and tips please visit our Blog.

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